Task 7 – Generality of functional group effects in mixtures: the analysis of multi-species mixtures data in a global network of experiments.

Task 7 of Multi4More aims to analyse data from the global network of experiments called LegacyNet to identify optimal grass, legume, and herb proportions for grassland mixtures. LegacyNet is a global network of experiments with 38 member sites that quantifies the effects of up to six grassland species in three functional groups on grassland outcomes. This task will identify the best proportions of grass, legume, and herb for yield, weed suppression, total nitrogen yield, and forage quality. The LegacyNet data will set the novel Multi4More experiments in an international context and place Ireland at the cutting edge of global research in multispecies mixtures in intensively managed productive grasslands. This collaboration will lead to several high-impact and high-profile publications.

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